I am a Licensed Marriage, Family, and Child counselor

and a professional conference and educational speaker. I have been a clinician for thirty years in private practice in my offices in Hayward and Pleasanton, California. I work with couples, individuals, families, victims of crime and children ages 4 -10.    

I have an active and interactive approach in the counseling sessions. With a background in Humanistic Psychology, I use a combination of expressive therapies along with behavioral and problem solving techniques. I facilitate the understanding of behavior and promote insight. I encourage the identification and expression of feelings.

My areas of specialty in my practice with adults include relationships, grief and loss, divorce, sexual abuse, parenting, depression, sexuality, women’s issues and building self-esteem.
With couples, I assist in the recognition of their patterns and the realization of how backgrounds affect present relationships. I teach communication, emotional language and assertiveness skills. I promote healing and guide problem solving.
I specialize in working with children in Play Therapy. I treat children with problems of divorce, sexual abuse, anxiety and grief and loss. My methods include using miniatures, toys, games, activities and art to encourage expression, reduction of symptoms and problem solving.
Professional Speaker 
I am available to teach my own developed technique and program, Direct Play Therapy from Reenactment to Self-Comfort, at conferences, at schools and colleges to graduate students, to professional play therapists and to parents locally and nationally.